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CE COURSE - Effective Solutions to Managing Dental Conditions of a Boomer Generation
Date: January 19, 2022
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: WEBINAR

Effective Solutions to Managing Dental Conditions of a Boomer Generation

Dr. Samuel B. Low

The "over sixty" population will increase significantly during the next decade, dominating our practices.

Get ready for gum disease, dry mouth, root decay and sick implants!

We now see a major increase/frequency of oral conditions associated with the "Baby Boomer Generation." The four primary areas of concern are: 1) chronic inflammation and periodontitis with over 67% having tooth loss disease, 2) Xerostomia at greater than 40% with the compromised lifestyle and symptoms 3) difficulty finding and treating root caries, and 4) implant disease.

We will analyze these primary diseases from initial diagnosis to lifetime disease management. Additionally, we'll explore case presentation strategies and best practices for increasing treatment acceptance by understanding the generational characteristics of this age group and what they want/desire.

Learning Objectives

  • Establish techniques for communicating with the Boomer generation
  • Discover key words and communication skills that increase likelihood of treatment acceptance
  • Develop fast, effective screening for the diseases of the over 55 population
  • Understand the etiology of periodontitis as the "new chronic inflammatory disease and Xerostomia as a condition with multiple issues and root caries
  • Implement innovative nonsurgical periodontal management therapies, as well as local and systemic therapies for the dry mouth patient
  • Gain strategies for managing implant diseases such as mucositis and implantitis
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