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The Future of Dental Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

Adrian Lefler, CEO of My Social Practice
Wednesday, May 8, 2024
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

This course will explore how to utilize Artificial Intelligence copywriting, image, video and audio creation tools to dramatically improve dental practice marketing capabilities. Whether you're a dentist looking to reach a wider audience, a dental marketer seeking fresh strategies, or someone intrigued by AI's potential in the dental marketing realm, this presentation is an opportunity to learn and evolve. Get ready to uncover the power of AI and its promising role in dental marketing.

Learning Objectives

  • Find out how AI is Changing Marketing: Learn how Artificial Intelligence can boost dental marketing efforts, streamline processes and save brain cramps.
  • Crafting AI-Enhanced Content: Discover how to use ChatGPT and other Large Language Models (LLMs) for creating succinct, SEO-friendly content for dental web and social media presence.
  • Merging Creativity with AI: Identify strategies to blend human creativity with AI for stronger marketing campaigns.
  • Exploring Advanced Tools for Dental Marketers: Be introduced to the most sophisticated and cutting-edge software tools available to dental marketers for enhancing their marketing initiatives.
  • Staying Ahead with AI: Get insights into AI trends to keep your dental marketing strategies forward-thinking.

About the Speaker

Adrian Lefler, CEO of My Social Practice, is a seasoned expert in the dental marketing industry with 14 years of experience. He is widely recognized for his engaging and informative presentations. Based in Suncrest, UT, Adrian shares his life with his wife, four children, and a lively mix of pets. My Social Practice is a leading dental marketing company, and Adrian is passionate about helping dental professionals succeed in this dynamic field.

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Apr. 29
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